My Story

My name is Jennifer Traynor and I am the woman behind Mindful Yoga Moments.
When I found myself struggling with depression, I looked into different ways that I could cope. At the time I was a working mom who wanted to find something to help me get through my day-to-day life. I had previously practiced yoga but hadn’t been to a class in a while. I found myself drawn back to the mat for some time to be quiet, calm and still. Around the same time, I was introduced to mindful meditation, and while at first, I had difficulty getting into practicing it regularly, with some patience I started to use it often as a way to bring some peace to my life.
After a while, I discovered that my practice of yoga and mindfulness was not a way to cope, but rather, my process for healing. I cannot say that my depression is cured, but I can say that yoga and mindfulness have had a tremendous impact on my life. In a couple of years, I went from a woman who felt helpless and couldn’t see through the fog, to a woman who feels hopeful and positive about where her life is heading.
This is why I started Mindful Yoga Moments. I want to share with you not only the benefits that mindful meditation and yoga can bring to your life, but also how easy it can be to practice them daily.
Want to dive deeper? Join me on the mat for one of my Mindful Yoga classes. These classes will be a gentle vinyasa flow in which I will include mindful ways to relieve stress from your life. I will explore with you the power of the breath, teach simple meditation techniques, tune into our chakras, dabble with aromatherapy and more!